DDG Catalogue Goes LIVE

We are pleased to confirm that the Dead Dead Good and Transworld Records catalogue is now live via distributors PMI and the platform will begin to populate with music from this weekend.

Its a soft launch with music being added on an ad hoc basis in the short-term with early tracks including the likes of The Cherrys, The Chameleons, Bowa, Digital Orgasm, Orange Deluxe and The Charlatans… so rock music, indie, techno and house music from the off… musicians from Northwich, Manchester, Antwerp, London and Walsall.

In total there will be an initial one hundred singles and around thirty albums… essentially the best part of one thousand songs, videos, and live recordings which will archive the history of the label and management company

Music will be available to download via #Amazon #Spotify #Deezer #iTunes # Apple #Tidal #Napster #Google from this weekend


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