Congratulations to our very own Jake Cooper on Promotion to the Championship!

Congratulations to Jake Cooper as Rotherham United FC are promoted to the English Championship!

#TeamDDG Jake Cooper

Jake, now nineteen has been with the Millers as a youngster and signed his scholarship at fifteen.

His towering ability, strength, skill and endeavour this season in the EFL Cup and on-loan to Conference side Gateshead FC lead to Dead Dead Good negotiating a brand new three-year contract with the Millers on the last day before lockdown.

Indeed Jake, Millers chief executive Paul Douglas and our own Managing Director Steve Harrison had to follow early strict social distancing protocol on the day without all the normal boardroom high fives, back-slapping and hugs normally associated at such auspicious occasions and they remain in abeyance!

Steve commented… ‘it was a surreal moment, arriving at the New York Stadium, without of the normal bustling activity in the car-park, the concourse or reception’.

‘I am thrilled for Jake, an exceptional motivated, dedicated and talented player. He also a great deal more in his ‘locker-room’ that most traditional centre-backs… ask the opposing defenders in the Conference, where he scored two exceptional goals to make himself a Gateshead loan-legend!’.

‘Jake also has incredibly supportive family behind him, and I never underestimate this type of underpinning to his game and development… it works well as part of the DDG Family approach to representaion’

A wonderful opportunity going -forward for the towering young Yorkshire man to progress.

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