Orange Deluxe 3rd Album ‘Kentish Delight’ to be released via our new digital platform

Orange Deluxe ‘Kentish Delight’ (GOODLP15)

We are SO pleased to confirm that the 3rd Orange Deluxe album ‘Kentish Delight’ will be issued via our digital platform on Friday 24th July via all the main media outlets.

It’s a complete work of the sessions back in the day…

A further indication of our commitment to not only archive the history of our iconic label, but to make available rarities and exclusive material from the same era. Else simply update, along with many artists on DDG for the 1st time.

Best person to describe the album is the band’s founder and vocalist Paul Bassett…. he has a way of making words sound like art and positive is these difficult times.

“After the release of the first two albums and the difficulties promoting the second album due to Rob’s spinal surgery I had collected a number of ideas and musical sketches that had been ruminating at the back of my mind for some time…as a band Rob’s time away had hit us hard but it was great to have him back and although not match fit so to speak he was able to get involved and having his chilled personality back in the fold was amazing so the four of us spent a lot of time together at his and Cope’s flat in Kentish Town in North London. It had always been the focal point of the band and Kentish Town was really in our blood by then. So whilst the first two albums had been well received and were much loved by our fan base the overriding criticism was that we were writing great album tunes but had yet to write a killer single on which to hang the promotion of an album.

Cope, Rob, Paul and Keith – the infamous wild boys of Orange Deluxe

Well we accepted the challenge and as a writer I decided to limit myself to composing only 3 to 4 minute pop songs to see what we could come up with. I figured we could write the album tunes later!! After I introduced a few song ideas to the band the idea for naming the project ‘Kentish Delight’ appeared and just stuck. Kentish delight was a café/kebab shop just up from Cope’s flat that we frequented and we thought was a great play on words by the Turkish guys who ran it. Once the name appeared It became a lightening rod for my writing and I started to focus on the many characters I saw whenever I was in Kentish Town that summer. I remember coming out of Kentish Town Tube one day and looking over to the buildings opposite wondering just how many people lived in all the flats above the shops and what their lives were like. I began to construct little story lines about imaginary characters living in all these flats and started to see the album could be more than just a collection of pop songs but had the potential to be a collage of interweaving story lines, overlapping in terms of their location and timeline and that could paint a picture of she sheer wonderful variety of humanity in Kentish Town. So we ended up with songs about the homeless man on the Tube, the neighbour trying to make ends meet, ever optimistic broken hearted young lovers and all imagined as living on top of and alongside each other whilst somehow seeming to live such solitary lives. To me as a ‘country boy’ this had always seemed to be the tragedy of modern urban life.

A lovely picture of a wonderful group of friends to us all… they totally got the spirit of Dead Dead Good which exists to this day

I remember this time incredibly fondly, we had always been great mates but this was a time of real creative energy for us and we even wrote some songs from scratch together in the rehearsal rooms; Liar and Freeloader were both written this way and would have been potential singles if things had turned out differently. Copey, Keith and Rob even came up with a motif (interlude) that we intended to use as a recurring thread throughout the album to give it a kind of movie soundtrack style.

So Kentish Delight as it appears today 20 odd years later is effectively a collection of demos and musical sketches we had put together as part of preproduction for recording our third album. Some are simple acoustic takes some are groovy little ditties and some are the OD’s at full throttle. Sadly, it was not to be, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology we can at least serve up a slice of ‘what might have been pie’.  To DDG with love…enjoy!

All the best…feed the cats…and stay safe.

Love PB”

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