A terrific in-depth article here with Amber Barrett the DDG, FC Koln and Republic of Ireland Striker

A fantastic article here with all kinds of insights into one of the leading scorers on the German Frauen Bundesliga this season..

Amber studied at Maynooth University whilst progressing her football with Peamont United where she was the WNL leading goal-scorer and Player-of-the-Year in her final season.

Amber continues along the same pathway with 4 goals in 4 Bundesliga games this season…

Former Ireland coach Colin Bell assisted with her progression from the GAA into WNL football to the Irish national side and then to the Bundesliga

Amber has progressed well with her understanding of the German language, since arriving in Cologne

After a recent break in the league due to the pandemic… Amber returns to international football for the Republic of Ireland against Germany on 1st December with FC Koln returning to action against TSG Hoffenheim on 6th December…

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