Steve Harrison on Sky Sports and BBC initiatives in the Women’s Football Game….

DDG Head Honcho Steve Harrison speaking about initiatives the women’s game!

A typically candid and humorous take as well as an acknowledgment of the exciting times ahead for the women’s game in the UK.

Sounds bites from local media in Manchester

 a welcome opportunity to seize the moment”

“To improve training facilities, personalise the stadia using the excellent Manchester City model as an example, but most importantly, looking after the talent”

“with DDG players out of contract this season in the English, Portuguese, USA and German leagues, it will be interesting to see the approach from the WSL clubs in particular”…

“time to up the ante...”

“I look forward to all the new experts and agents now mysteriously finding a lifelong interest in the women’s game, now they can smell the money” – laughs

“We already have vultures over our offices in Didsbury…”

“I’ve had to buy a gun…” – laughs

“the involvement of Sky Sports & the BBC will grow the profile of the game in England in particular”…

“an opportunity to further professionalise the game both on and off the park”

Steve is available for interviews

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