A different culture

We would like to think that DDG is here to make a difference.

Our historical success in management and representation of talent means that we are not reliant on the next transfer or the next t.shirt sale to keep us in bread and water. We have history and we have experience and have delivered not simply ‘imagined’ or ‘promised’.

The greed and short term ‘ism so often associated with the football and entertainment industries does not have to be the way. Putting together informed plans based the quality, the personalities, the career pathways of the individual can be far more rewarding and longer reaching for both client and representative. A sense of togetherness, loyalty and belonging if a little romantic is the best long-term plan and endorses the concept of being in this together.

How many times do we see the football agents putting themselves forward in the photo opportunity and talking themselves up rather than the clients that they represent? It really is quite insulting and smacks of it being ‘all about me’, when it should always be about the client… without whom.

Our philosophy and culture understandably requires a requisite respect and loyalty from the clients. Supporting a client in the formative stages of their career only to find that ‘the grass is apparently greener on the other side’ and the client has now left to the big time agency down the road where all kinds of promises can be made is an incredible disappointment but also a reality.

So are the levels of personal services levels when you head to the ‘big boys’… see how many times you get the phone calls returned if things aint going right.

The promises can involve those mythical streets paved in gold, the guaranteed move… all things are fabulous and wonderful along with those unicorns and those that would fly around on broomsticks and the like. These promises along with a gift of a pair of boots or the meal at Nando’s are what they are… short-term potentially unsustainable promises to suck you in.

If we do right by the people that we represent then the rewards and the success should follow on the proviso that the player delivers on the park.

Whilst we cannot guarantee success, then we can guarantee hard work, expertise, integrity and an exceptional and worthy address book of contacts.

We should and do open doors and maximise opportunity for our clients based on long-term career based vision and support.

DDG avoids preposterous and outlandish story-telling unless its for real… and believe us… as former rock n roll managers we have some crackers!