Rig “Perfect” Released 27/11/2020

Rig – ‘Perfect’ – GOODLP24

Rig album Release

Rig will release their first ever album comprising of an unreleased mini-album and several rare and unreleased tracks. The ten track album is called ‘Perfect’ and will be released on Dead Dead Good Records (Catalogue number GOODLP24) via Phoenix Music International Ltd on 27th November 2020.

Steve Harrison – Dead Dead Good founder and Managing Director ” I am thrilled that we have been able to finally realise the album release of Rig ‘Perfect‘.’

‘A great deal was made of the DDG association with the more commercial indie success with the like of The Charlatans or the million selling ‘Insanity’ rave single by Oceanic, but maybe our DNA also lies with the more leftfield artists such as Rig and Treatment Organisation.’

‘Certainly from a personal perspective the associated music of bands like Pere Ubu, the Fall, ACR, 23 Skidoo, Neu, Can, Talking Heads, the Pop Group made for a more informed background to our own label and certainly our retail DNA.’

‘These type of acts would have made likely bedfellows of some of our artists… but it was only natural to follow the success generated by the label, and whilst it enabled us to indulge many other projects then the success stories gave us the headline news.’

‘It’s wonderful to hear such a timeless and progressive album in its entirety… thanks to the lads and in particular Darren for making this happen with us’


Rig – original DDG press shot

At the start of 1990 Rig were flying high. They had just completed a series of big shows supporting the Inspiral Carpets and the new year brought them their own headline gigs. The band were being touted as the next big thing to break through from Manchester and they were enjoying a lot of local and national press attention. Their debut single Dig was about to be released and they were also giving away other tracks recorded in the previous year to complication albums that would receive critical acclaim.

They barnstormed through the early part of the year with some fantastic live performances show casing new songs and enhancing their reputation.

So confidence was high. Rig’s sound was evolving and the band were keen to get the new material recorded and capture the excitement of the time. So between February and April 1990 in-between live shows they decamped to Suite 16 Studios in Rochdale. Manchester legend Stuart James who had worked with A Certain Ratio and many of the factory bands came onboard as Producer and Rex Sargeant was the engineer at the helm for the sessions. 

The six tracks recorded had an energy and an almost pop feel to them courtesy of Stuart’s production. They took in influences from Talking Heads to New Order, to INXS and Gang of Four. Adding another pop element was Andy Connell from Swing Out Sister, who joined some of the sessions and contributed keyboards to several tracks.

Unfortunately, just after the mini-album was completed the band’s record label Cut Deep Records folded and with it went the opportunity to get the album out. And whilst some of the tracks would later be re-recorded and released on Dead Dead Good records there was a feel and synergy about the six tracks that made them a great collective piece of work.

The band quickly moved on meaning the mini-album session recordings stayed on the shelf…..until now.

The archive

Thirty years later guitarist and archivist of the band Darren set about digitising the band’s history. This started out an attempt to publish press clipping and photographs from the period online, but soon developed into releasing material after picking up the relationship with Dead Dead Good.

Having been given the opportunity to re-release the original singles, the band set about locating the original master reel tapes for other material, including some previously unreleased. This required tracking down dusty boxes of reels, DATs and cassettes hidden in lofts for 30 years and some major detective work in deciphering old notes and scribbling to find the best versions of tracks.

The original reel to reel tapes were sent away to be transferred, but the age of the tapes meant they first had to be baked in an oven to remove moisture and make the tape playable for the contents to be transferred. Thankfully all the reels survived the process and we were able to make digital copies of the band’s early analogue music (before CD releases) for the first time.

Given that some of the reels had been mastered for radio or vinyl delivery three decades ago, the band took the decision to remaster all the tracks that would be made available for release. That task was given to an Italian Producer and Sound Engineer Matteo Cifelli, who “thoroughly enjoyed the vibe” on this project.
The results of all this hard work are incredible. The tracks sound huge, and more than do justice to the energy and spirit that was put into them the first-time round.

The Album

A huge bonus of  investigating the back catalogue was the uncovering of the unreleased mini-album, which the band have used to form the basis of their first ever album release which realises a huge ambition for all involved.

The first six tracks of the album are the original mini-album as intended which include two tracks never released previously in any version. These are followed by ‘Moody (dance)’ which was the natural follow on single at the time. Also included are live favourites ‘B.R.O.’ and ‘Thud’ which were previously only available on the seminal complication albums ‘Hit the North’ and ‘Home’. The final track is from the Dead Dead Good sessions for the band’s second single, another previously unreleased track.  

The full track listing of ‘Perfect’ by Rig.
1. V-Funk 
2. Perfect 
3. Loop Six 
4. Sweat 
5. Spank 
6. Ultra Juicy 
7. Moody (dance) 
8. B.R.O. 
9. Thud 
10. Spoilt Bastard 

‘Perfect’ CD Promo Sleeve rear cover…

Tracks 1-6 Produced by Stuart James 
Engineered by Rex Sargeant 

Track 7 
Produced by Martin Moscrop 
Engineered by Jonathan Baz Barrett and Pete Smith 

Tracks 8 & 9 
Produced by Rig 
Engineered by John Pennington and Jonathan Baz Barrett 

Track 10 
Produced by Rig 
Engineered by Jonathan Baz Barrett 

The album cover is a photo of Torre San Giovanni Di Ugento Lighthouse on the Salento Peninsula in Southern Italy by guitarist Darren Jones.

Font is RCA, from the record company releases in the 70s.